Commlite CM-EF-FX AF Lens Mount Adapter EF-FX

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Ngàm chuyển Commlite CM-EF-FX AF từ Canon EF sang Fujifilm FX Mirrorless Camera X-T100 X-T20 X-T3 X-H1 X-A5 X-T2 X-PRO2 X-T10 X-T1 X-E2 X-M1 X-E1

Ngàm chuyển mới Commlite AF Lens Mount Adapter từ Canon EF/EF-S Lens sang Fujifilm FX Mount Camera sở hữu nhiều tính năng như : cổng USB nâng cấp Firmware; EXIF INFO. Transmitting Function; Auto Focus; Electronic Aperture Control; Built-in IS Stabilization Function.Besides, it is Powerful and Stable for the Aluminum alloy made material.

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